Atal y Fro provide support for women and children within the Vale of Glamorgan who have experienced – or are experiencing – domestic violence.

Our Mission

Helping families break the cycle of domestic violence

Atal y Fro is a unique organisation dedicated to the elimination of domestic abuse. We do this by:

  • Sustaining and developing work relations with partners & stakeholders;
  • Raising awareness, informing and educating communities in the Vale on domestic abuse – its causes, consequences and prevention;
  • Continuing to provide and develop specialist services available to all stakeholders;
  • Consistently monitoring and evaluating our services;
  • Raising the profile of Atal y Fro.

Our Services

It has become increasingly clear that if we are to break the cycle of domestic violence we need to concentrate our energies on prevention. This means tackling it within the whole family (including dads/partners) and educating children and young people.

To this end, in addition to emergency temporary accommodation providing a safe and secure haven for female victims of domestic abuse together with our woman’s groups and counselling services, our other services include Education Prevention Intervention in the Community (EPIC), a prevention programme that addresses domestic abuse prevention and Choose to Change (C2C) for male perpetrators of domestic violence.

Our Early Intervention Programme means that as soon as we get a referral (from whatever source, including from a family itself), we will call together the agencies who need to be involved, to put together a ‘package’ for the whole family – always ensuring their safety.

Our wider accommodation services include assessing housing-related support needs and the Dispersed Housing Project to meet the needs of individuals or families who do not meet the criteria for current refuge. We also offer further support to those who have accessed our services and/or have completed their time with another service. Additionally, our pro-active advocacy service provides information on housing, civil and criminal court and composes risk assessments with our service users tailored to their personal needs.

Atal Y Fro supports children and young people aged between 0-25 years old who have experienced or have been affected by domestic abuse. We also offer support for adolescent to parent violence and abuse to help young people better manage their frustrations, help parents increase their sense of well-being, reduce their isolation, to clarify clear boundaries for unacceptable and acceptable behaviour and examine and build strategies for the future.




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Atal y Fro - Domestic Violence & Abuse Services

Welsh Government
We have launched our ‘This is Not Love. This Is Control’ campaign, to help people identify coercive control behaviours in relationships and to recognise them as wrong and abusive. These behaviours are often very subtle and can be hard to identify.

If you see signs of coercive control behaviours, you can contact the Live Fear Free 24-hour helpline on 0808 8010 800 for help and support ow.ly/8s6A30nlHf8

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Adolescent to Parent Violence & Abuse - It's a 10 session programme, using proven methods and materials, which aim to engender the belief in change and to stop or dramatically reduce the abuse. If you would more information, please contact 01446 744755 ...

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Our VISTA’s programme (women who use force) provides services to women who use any combination of control, force or violence in their intimate relationships, if you would like more information please contact 01446 744755 ...

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